Stansted Airport (STN) Departures

London STN airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Stansted Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at London airport is 23:45 PM 2021-07-26

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Turkish Airlines Arrivals at Stansted Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
TK7973 23:15 (ADB) Izmir Delayed
TK7831 23:55 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK7799 11:50 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
TK7955 21:45 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled



Pegasus Arrivals at Stansted Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
PC1174 00:05 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled
PC1170 12:30 (SAW) Istanbul Sabiha Scheduled



easyJet Arrivals at Stansted Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
U2251 07:45 (BFS) Belfast International Scheduled
U2231 12:10 (EDI) Edinburgh Scheduled
U2207 13:15 (GLA) Glasgow Intl Scheduled
U2263 18:20 (BFS) Belfast International Scheduled
U2215 20:55 (GLA) Glasgow Intl Scheduled
U2239 21:00 (EDI) Edinburgh Scheduled



Ryanair Arrivals at Stansted Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
FR8353 06:00 (BUD) Budapest Scheduled
FR8182 06:10 (FUE) Fuerteventura Scheduled
FR8166 06:15 (TFS) Tenerife South Scheduled
FR792 06:20 (VCE) Venice Marco Polo Scheduled
FR2687 06:20 (CAG) Cagliari Scheduled
FR4976 06:20 (BDS) Brindisi Scheduled
FR2642 06:25 (RIX) Riga International Scheduled
FR2672 06:25 (CIA) Rome Ciampino Scheduled
FR5992 06:25 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
FR9253 06:25 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
FR225 06:30 (DUB) Dublin Scheduled
FR584 06:30 (PSA) Pisa Scheduled
FR7384 06:30 (CPH) Copenhagen Scheduled
FR9961 06:30 (SOF) Sofia Scheduled
FR8382 06:35 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
FR8584 06:40 (RHO) Rhodes Scheduled
FR464 06:45 (TRN) Turin Scheduled
FR1251 06:45 (AAL) Aalborg Scheduled
FR9271 06:45 (EIN) Eindhoven Scheduled
FR9142 06:55 (FAO) Faro Scheduled
FR194 07:00 (BLQ) Bologna International Scheduled
FR3131 07:00 (PFO) Paphos Scheduled
FR8132 07:05 (LPA) Gran Canaria Las Palmas Scheduled
FR8746 07:10 (LRH) La Rochelle Scheduled
FR5172 07:20 (BLL) Billund Scheduled
FR3324 07:25 (ATH) Athens International Scheduled
FR8162 07:25 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
FR4952 07:30 (PEG) Perugia Santegidio Scheduled
FR8288 07:35 (ACE) Lanzarote Scheduled
FR901 07:40 (ORK) Cork Scheduled
FR1202 07:40 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
FR8388 07:40 (ZAD) Zadar Scheduled
FR1832 07:50 (NAP) Naples International Scheduled
FR145 07:55 (BER) Berlin Brandenburg Scheduled
FR4192 08:05 (BGY) Milan Bergamo Scheduled
FR9810 08:15 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
FR6541 08:30 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
FR1005 08:35 (OTP) Bucharest Otopeni Scheduled
FR7349 08:35 (VIE) Vienna Scheduled
FR2374 08:40 (GDN) Gdansk Scheduled
FR2432 08:45 (KRK) Krakow Scheduled
FR1547 09:00 (FRA) Frankfurt am Main Scheduled
FR103 09:05 (SNN) Shannon Scheduled
FR5994 09:15 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
FR2136 09:25 (RZE) Rzeszow Scheduled
FR15 09:35 (ATH) Athens International Scheduled
FR1884 09:35 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
FR936 09:45 (PGF) Perpignan Scheduled
FR3004 09:45 (CIA) Rome Ciampino Scheduled
FR286 09:50 (PLQ) Palanga International Scheduled
FR6035 10:00 (RMI) Rimini Scheduled
FR4966 10:05 (SUF) Lamezia Terme Scheduled
FR2404 10:55 (FMM) Memmingen Allga╠łu Scheduled
FR8729 10:55 (MXP) Milan Malpensa Scheduled
FR2314 11:10 (BTS) Bratislava Scheduled
FR3842 11:10 (REU) Reus Scheduled
FR7965 11:55 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
FR8378 12:00 (SCQ) Santiago de Compostela Scheduled
FR794 12:05 (VCE) Venice Marco Polo Scheduled
FR2281 12:10 (WMI) Warsaw Modlin Scheduled
FR1013 12:20 (PRG) Prague Scheduled
FR8321 13:05 (VLC) Valencia Scheduled
FR8592 13:05 (EGC) Bergerac Scheduled
FR124 13:10 (AOI) Ancona Scheduled
FR4194 13:10 (BGY) Milan Bergamo Scheduled
FR72 13:15 (CCF) Carcassonne Scheduled
FR3872 13:20 (PUY) Pula Scheduled
FR8266 13:20 (KTW) Katowice Scheduled
FR588 13:25 (PSA) Pisa Scheduled
FR168 13:30 (TRS) Trieste Scheduled
FR2368 13:50 (OSR) Ostrava Scheduled
FR9044 13:50 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
FR372 13:55 (BIQ) Biarritz Scheduled
FR2352 14:15 (CGN) Cologne Scheduled
FR8555 14:20 (CDT) Castellon de la Plana Scheduled
FR8351 15:00 (LEI) Almeria Scheduled
FR9802 15:40 (GRO) Girona Scheduled
FR297 15:55 (DUB) Dublin Scheduled
FR2698 16:00 (CLJ) Cluj-Napoca Scheduled
FR2746 16:05 (KUN) Kaunas Scheduled
FR9282 16:05 (FAO) Faro Scheduled
FR8386 16:25 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
FR7628 16:30 (OMR) Oradea Scheduled
FR9967 16:35 (SOF) Sofia Scheduled
FR2644 16:55 (RIX) Riga International Scheduled
FR8363 16:55 (SVQ) Seville Scheduled
FR964 17:10 (GOT) Gothenburg Landvetter Scheduled
FR8445 17:10 (BUD) Budapest Scheduled
FR8582 17:15 (SKG) Thessaloniki Scheduled
FR9814 17:15 (BCN) Barcelona Scheduled
FR8347 17:20 (OPO) Porto Scheduled
FR3918 17:25 (PMO) Palermo Scheduled
FR8164 17:25 (AGP) Malaga Scheduled
FR2244 17:30 (VNO) Vilnius Scheduled
FR8405 17:30 (WRO) Wroclaw Scheduled
FR9251 17:30 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
FR2669 17:40 (WMI) Warsaw Modlin Scheduled
FR1882 17:50 (LIS) Lisbon Scheduled
FR8976 17:50 (ALC) Alicante Scheduled
FR281 18:00 (TLS) Toulouse Scheduled
FR1905 18:00 (BRI) Bari Scheduled
FR5998 18:15 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled
FR232 18:25 (AHO) Alghero Sardinia Scheduled
FR8853 18:25 (MLA) Luqa Malta International Scheduled
FR1374 18:35 (PRG) Prague Scheduled
FR2462 18:35 (BZG) Bydgoszcz Scheduled
FR3014 18:35 (CIA) Rome Ciampino Scheduled
FR7632 18:45 (NUE) Nuremberg Scheduled
FR2612 18:50 (SDR) Santander Scheduled
FR2434 19:00 (KRK) Krakow Scheduled
FR7365 19:00 (VIE) Vienna Scheduled
FR2466 19:05 (SZZ) Szczecin Goleniow Scheduled
FR2336 19:20 (POZ) Poznan Scheduled
FR2860 19:30 (LUX) Luxembourg Scheduled
FR1007 19:50 (OTP) Bucharest Otopeni Scheduled
FR8736 20:05 (MXP) Milan Malpensa Scheduled
FR8371 20:10 (BUD) Budapest Scheduled
FR4198 20:30 (BGY) Milan Bergamo Scheduled
FR6543 20:30 (MRS) Marseille Scheduled
FR2372 20:40 (GDN) Gdansk Scheduled
FR293 20:45 (DUB) Dublin Scheduled
FR271 22:15 (DUB) Dublin Scheduled



Air Moldova Arrivals at Stansted Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
9U834 14:40 (KIV) Chisinau Scheduled



Jet2 Arrivals at Stansted Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
LS1529 06:00 (PMI) Palma - Majorca Scheduled
LS1429 06:05 (CHQ) Crete Chania Scheduled
LS1513 06:40 (MAH) Menorca Scheduled
LS1473 08:00 (IBZ) Ibiza Scheduled
LS1519 08:05 (MLA) Luqa Malta International Scheduled
LS1663 10:00 (TFS) Tenerife South Scheduled
LS1455 13:10 (JER) Jersey Scheduled
LS1641 15:05 (JSI) Skiathos Island National Scheduled
LS1469 16:55 (HER) Crete Heraklion Scheduled



Loganair Arrivals at Stansted Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
LM652 08:50 (LDY) Derry Scheduled
LM658 19:10 (LDY) Derry Scheduled