Mehrabad International Airport (THR) Arrivals

Tehran THR airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Mehrabad International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Tehran airport is 20:19 PM 2021-07-29

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Iran Air Arrivals at Mehrabad International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
IR225 18:40 (IFN) Isfahan No_Takeoff_Info
IR3410 19:15 (KSH) Kermanshah Scheduled
IR269 22:45 (MHD) Mashhad Scheduled
IR3313 22:50 (IFN) Isfahan Scheduled
IR418 22:55 (AWZ) Ahwaz Scheduled
IR3416 23:40 (DEF) Dezful Scheduled
IR3319 23:45 (SRY) Sary Scheduled
IR235 23:50 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
IR3429 00:15 (AZD) Yazd Scheduled
IR3447 00:15 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
IR3330 09:55 (RAS) Rasht Scheduled
IR3430 10:15 (PFQ) Parsabad Scheduled
IR408 11:10 (BUZ) Bushehr Scheduled
IR310 12:50 (AWZ) Ahwaz Scheduled
IR3322 13:40 (RZR) Ramsar Scheduled
IR3357 14:05 (GBT) Gorgan Scheduled
IR3371 14:25 (RJN) Rafsanjan Scheduled
IR3313 14:25 (IFN) Isfahan Scheduled
IR3414 14:30 (DEF) Dezful Scheduled
IR233 15:10 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
IR217 15:50 (XBJ) Birjand Scheduled



Iran Airtour Arrivals at Mehrabad International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
B9917 18:30 (KIH) Kish Island Unknown
B9915 18:45 (ABD) Abadan No_Takeoff_Info
B9967 21:15 (MHD) Mashhad Scheduled
B9997 22:10 (KIH) Kish Island Scheduled
B9947 22:30 (TBZ) Tabriz Scheduled
B9989 23:15 (AWZ) Ahwaz Scheduled
B9913 23:25 (BND) Bandar Abbas Scheduled
B9971 23:30 (BUZ) Bushehr Scheduled
B9961 06:30 (MHD) Mashhad Scheduled
B9993 10:30 (PGU) Asaloyeh Persian Gulf International Scheduled
B9933 12:00 (BND) Bandar Abbas Scheduled
B9919 13:45 (ZBR) Chah-Bahar Scheduled
B9963 16:30 (MHD) Mashhad Scheduled
B9985 17:15 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled



Iran Aseman Airlines Arrivals at Mehrabad International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
EP3785 17:40 (SYZ) Shiraz Unknown
EP641 19:15 (TBZ) Tabriz Scheduled
EP3963 19:35 (ADU) Ardabil Scheduled
EP603 20:15 (MHD) Mashhad Scheduled
EP823 20:45 (PGU) Asaloyeh Persian Gulf International Scheduled
EP3725 21:30 (AZD) Yazd Scheduled
EP3915 21:35 (BUZ) Bushehr Scheduled
EP3778 22:00 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
EP627 22:45 (KSH) Kermanshah Scheduled
EP861 23:30 (ABD) Abadan Scheduled
EP833 23:55 (AWZ) Ahwaz Scheduled
EP3770 07:25 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
EP863 08:40 (AZD) Yazd Scheduled
EP3781 09:45 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
EP821 11:15 (PGU) Asaloyeh Persian Gulf International Scheduled
EP861 13:00 (ABD) Abadan Scheduled
EP3711 13:40 (ADU) Ardabil Scheduled
EP601 14:50 (MHD) Mashhad Scheduled
EP841 15:10 (IIL) Ilaam Scheduled
EP851 15:30 (ZAH) Zahedan Scheduled
EP645 16:15 (BND) Bandar Abbas Scheduled
EP859 17:00 (OMH) Urmieh Scheduled
EP3845 17:35 (IIL) Ilaam Scheduled
EP3776 17:35 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled



Mahan Air Arrivals at Mehrabad International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
W51042 18:35 (KIH) Kish Island No_Takeoff_Info
W51027 21:15 (ADU) Ardabil Scheduled
W51052 22:40 (KER) Kerman Scheduled
W54528 23:50 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
W54530 06:30 (IFN) Isfahan Scheduled
W51050 11:10 (KER) Kerman Scheduled
W51097 11:50 (AWZ) Ahwaz Scheduled
W51076 12:00 (KER) Kerman Scheduled
W51088 13:15 (SYZ) Shiraz Scheduled
W54573 16:40 (IIL) Ilaam Scheduled
W51054 17:20 (KER) Kerman Scheduled
W51080 18:20 (MHD) Mashhad Scheduled