Bonriki Airport (TRW) Flight Departures

Tarawa TRW airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Bonriki Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Tarawa airport is 02:19 AM 2023-06-04

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Air Kiribati Arrivals at Bonriki Airport
No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Destination Status
IK174 07:30 (TSU) Tabiteuea South Scheduled
IK184 07:30 (OOT) Onotoa Scheduled
IK212 11:20 (AEA) Tabiang Scheduled
IK255 11:40 (AAK) Aranuka Scheduled
IK237 13:10 (BBG) Butaritari Scheduled
IK235 13:40 (MTK) Makin Scheduled
IK264 15:30 (MZK) Rawannawi Scheduled
IK222 17:00 (MNK) Maiana Scheduled