Wilson Airport (WIL) Departures

Nairobi WIL airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Wilson Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Nairobi airport is 19:09 PM 2021-07-25

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Safarilink Arrivals at Wilson Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
F283 17:45 (KIS) Kisumu No_Takeoff_Info
F249 07:00 (MYD) Malindi Scheduled
F261 07:00 (LOK) Lodwar Scheduled
F281 07:00 (KIS) Kisumu Scheduled
F25 07:30 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
F211 07:30 (ASV) Amboseli Scheduled
F2105 07:30 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
F2205 07:30 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
F2305 07:30 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
F2405 07:30 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
F2505 07:30 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
F2605 07:30 (OLG) Olare Scheduled
F2705 07:30 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled
F2805 07:30 (OSJ) Ol Seki Scheduled
F253 09:30 (UKA) Ukunda Scheduled
F21 10:00 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
F223 10:00 (LOY) Loyangalani Scheduled
F247 10:00 (MYD) Malindi Scheduled
F2101 10:00 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
F2201 10:00 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
F2301 10:00 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
F2401 10:00 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
F2501 10:00 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
F2601 10:00 (OLG) Olare Scheduled
F2701 10:00 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled
F2801 10:00 (OSJ) Ol Seki Scheduled
F2123 10:20 (NYK) Nanyuki Scheduled
F2223 10:20 (UAS) Samburu Scheduled
F285 11:00 (KIS) Kisumu Scheduled
F241 13:10 (JRO) Kilimanjaro Scheduled
F251 13:30 (LAU) Lamu Scheduled
F215 14:00 (ASV) Amboseli Scheduled
F255 14:00 (UKA) Ukunda Scheduled
F257 14:00 (ZNZ) Zanzibar Scheduled
F23 14:15 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
F2103 14:15 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
F2203 14:15 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
F2303 14:15 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
F2403 14:15 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
F2503 14:15 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
F2603 14:15 (OLG) Olare Scheduled
F2703 14:15 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled
F2803 14:15 (OSJ) Ol Seki Scheduled
F29 16:00 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
F2109 16:00 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
F2209 16:00 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
F2309 16:00 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
F2409 16:00 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
F2509 16:00 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
F2609 16:00 (OLG) Olare Scheduled
F2709 16:00 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled
F2809 16:00 (OSJ) Ol Seki Scheduled
F283 17:45 (KIS) Kisumu Scheduled



Skyward Express Arrivals at Wilson Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
OW340 07:30 (EDL) Eldoret Scheduled
OW350 09:00 (MBA) Mombasa Scheduled
OW330 12:10 (UKA) Ukunda Scheduled
OW308 14:10 (MYD) Malindi Scheduled
OW342 14:30 (EDL) Eldoret Scheduled
OW360 15:30 (MBA) Mombasa Scheduled



Fly SAX Arrivals at Wilson Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
B5501 03:30 (WJR) Wajir Scheduled
B5601 08:45 (UKA) Ukunda Scheduled
B5603 12:00 (LAU) Lamu Scheduled



Airkenya Arrivals at Wilson Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
P2881 07:30 (ASV) Amboseli Scheduled
P2851 08:00 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
P2855 08:00 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
P2856 08:00 (OSJ) Ol Seki Scheduled
P21851 08:00 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
P22851 08:00 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
P23851 08:00 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
P24851 08:00 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
P25851 08:00 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled
P2871 09:15 (NYK) Nanyuki Scheduled
P2853 10:30 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
P2857 10:30 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
P21853 10:30 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
P22853 10:30 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
P23853 10:30 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
P24853 10:30 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
P25853 10:30 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled
P2821 13:15 (JRO) Kilimanjaro Scheduled
P2951 14:00 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
P2955 14:00 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
P2956 14:00 (OSJ) Ol Seki Scheduled
P21951 14:00 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
P22951 14:00 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
P23951 14:00 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
P24951 14:00 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
P25951 14:00 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled
P2953 15:30 (ANA) Angama Mara Scheduled
P2957 15:30 (HKR) Mara North Scheduled
P21953 15:30 (KEU) Keekorok Scheduled
P22953 15:30 (KTJ) Kichwa Tembo Scheduled
P23953 15:30 (MDR) Musiara Scheduled
P24953 15:30 (MRE) Mara Lodges Scheduled
P25953 15:30 (OLX) Olkiombo Scheduled