Wellington International Airport (WLG) Arrivals

Wellington WLG airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrival at Wellington International Airport the information inclunding flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Wellington airport is 15:13 PM 2021-07-28

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Air New Zealand Arrivals at Wellington International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
NZ8728 12:55 (BHE) Blenheim In_Gate
NZ1246 13:00 (ZQN) Queenstown In_Gate
NZ5326 13:05 (CHC) Christchurch In_Gate
NZ8192 13:10 (TIU) Timaru In_Gate
NZ8310 13:10 (NSN) Nelson In_Gate
NZ427 13:35 (AKL) Auckland International In_Gate
NZ604 13:40 (ZQN) Queenstown In_Gate
NZ5356 14:05 (CHC) Christchurch In_Air
NZ8314 14:25 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5360 15:05 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ433 15:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8259 15:15 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5366 16:05 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8893 16:05 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ437 16:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5829 16:10 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ8316 16:25 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ8734 16:50 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ5370 17:05 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ441 17:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ608 17:20 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ5372 17:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ443 17:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8235 17:40 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ8289 17:45 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ8320 17:50 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5374 18:05 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ445 18:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ690 18:15 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ8897 18:25 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8322 18:30 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5823 18:35 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ691 18:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5376 18:40 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8263 18:45 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ8736 18:45 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ8797 18:55 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ449 19:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5382 20:05 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5261 20:05 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ453 20:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5827 20:45 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ5386 21:10 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ459 21:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ240 00:25 (BNE) Brisbane Scheduled
NZ5825 07:15 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ8720 07:30 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ401 07:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5330 07:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ680 07:40 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ8300 07:40 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ8791 07:45 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8283 07:45 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ8251 07:50 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ8190 08:00 (TIU) Timaru Scheduled
NZ5332 08:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ405 08:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8872 08:10 (IVC) Invercargill Scheduled
NZ8231 08:15 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ5883 08:20 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8302 08:20 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5811 08:35 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ5334 08:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ407 08:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8265 09:00 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ409 09:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5813 09:25 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ642 09:25 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8598 10:15 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ8722 10:25 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ5346 10:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ415 10:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ8306 10:45 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ8793 10:50 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8885 11:00 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ5348 11:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8233 11:40 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ5255 11:55 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ682 12:05 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ421 12:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ5817 12:40 (HLZ) Hamilton Scheduled
NZ8728 12:55 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ5326 13:05 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8192 13:10 (TIU) Timaru Scheduled
NZ8310 13:10 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ427 13:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
NZ604 13:40 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled



Jetstar Arrivals at Wellington International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
JQ261 16:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
JQ290 16:40 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ267 20:35 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
JQ251 07:05 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
JQ253 08:00 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled
JQ286 09:30 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ259 11:30 (AKL) Auckland International Scheduled



Qantas Arrivals at Wellington International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
QF171 14:30 (MEL) Melbourne Tullamarine Cancelled



Sounds Air Arrivals at Wellington International Airport
No. Arrival Origin Status
S8268 14:30 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8124 17:00 (PCN) Picton Scheduled
S8262 17:00 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8906 17:30 (WSZ) Westport Scheduled
S8805 17:40 (TUO) Taupo Scheduled
S8258 19:00 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8342 19:45 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
S8284 07:00 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8900 07:00 (WSZ) Westport Scheduled
S8801 07:20 (TUO) Taupo Scheduled
S8322 08:00 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
S8280 09:00 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
S8112 09:45 (PCN) Picton Scheduled
S8811 10:10 (TUO) Taupo Scheduled