Firebag Aerodrome (YFI) Flight Arrivals

Firebag River YFI airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrivals at Firebag Aerodrome the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Firebag River airport is 09:53 AM 2023-06-03

WestJet | Canadian North |

No. Schedule Arrivals Origin Status
WS9964 1:56 PM (YYC) Calgary, Canada Departed
WS4034 18:50 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Landed 18:47
WS4036 19:55 (YYC) Calgary, Canada In Air
WS4012 19:40 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada In Air
WS4016 17:00 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada In Air
WS4030 16:40 (YYC) Calgary, Canada In Air
WS4020 08:00 (YYC) Calgary, Canada In Air
WS4000 07:45 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada In Air
WS4038 19:25 (YYC) Calgary, Canada In Air
WS4066 18:25 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada In Air
WS4032 19:35 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Scheduled
WS4078 19:35 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Cancelled
WS4086 19:10 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Cancelled
WS4088 19:25 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Cancelled
WS4018 19:45 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Scheduled
WS4094 18:55 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Cancelled
WS4010 19:55 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Cancelled
WS4096 19:55 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Cancelled
WS4098 20:05 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Cancelled
WS4062 19:45 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Cancelled
WS4084 None (YYC) Calgary, Canada Cancelled
WS4040 19:25 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Landed 19:23
WS4082 08:15 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Cancelled
WS4080 07:40 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Cancelled
WS4090 07:45 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Cancelled
WS4092 08:05 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Cancelled
WS4074 11:40 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Arrived On time
WS4076 17:20 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Arrived Delayed by 15m
WS4014 19:00 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Scheduled
WS4072 11:53 (YXE) Saskatoon, Canada In Air
WS4060 12:00 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Scheduled
WS9960 07:38 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Scheduled
WS4862 None (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Arrived Delayed by 63 minutes
WS3072 None (YXE) Saskatoon, Canada Arrived On time
WS9962 None (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Arrived On time
WS4002 07:45 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Arrived On time
WS4008 19:40 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Departed Delayed by 4h 21m
WS4028 19:55 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Departed On time
WS4860 19:35 (YYC) Calgary, Canada None
WS4068 1:12 PM (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Landed


No. Schedule Arrivals Origin Status
5T5006 None (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Arrived On time
5T4603 18:00 (YEG) Edmonton, Canada Arrival Scheduled