Auckland Airport (AKL) Departures

Auckland AKL airport departures allow to check status of flight departure from Auckland Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Auckland airport is 11:44 AM 2021-07-27

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Air New Zealand Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
NZ5129 08:15 (TRG) Tauranga Delayed
NZ5103 08:20 (PMR) Palmerston North In_Air
NZ5065 08:40 (NSN) Nelson In_Air
NZ8220 08:45 (WRE) Whangarei In_Gate
NZ123 08:55 (MEL) Melbourne Tullamarine In_Air
NZ940 08:55 (RAR) Rarotonga In_Air
NZ103 09:00 (SYD) Sydney In_Air
NZ527 09:00 (CHC) Christchurch In_Air
NZ934 09:10 (IUE) Niue Island In_Air
NZ145 09:15 (BNE) Brisbane Out_Gate
NZ415 09:30 (WLG) Wellington In_Air
NZ635 09:30 (ZQN) Queenstown In_Air
NZ175 10:30 (PER) Perth Scheduled
NZ617 10:30 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ5107 10:45 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ421 11:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ535 11:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8037 11:05 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8133 11:05 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ619 11:10 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ5071 11:25 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ289 11:30 (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong Scheduled
NZ8207 11:40 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ5003 11:50 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ621 12:00 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ675 12:25 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ8161 12:25 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ427 12:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8075 12:45 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ543 13:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8228 13:30 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ5021 13:45 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8268 13:45 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ8041 13:55 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ433 14:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ547 14:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5077 14:05 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5115 14:15 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ8167 14:25 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ623 14:30 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ437 15:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ551 15:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5015 15:10 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8209 15:25 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ8137 15:35 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ8169 15:40 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ441 16:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ555 16:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5081 16:05 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5047 16:15 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ8222 16:20 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ8155 16:25 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ8270 16:25 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ5019 16:30 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ677 16:40 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ5121 16:55 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ8095 16:55 (TUO) Taupo Scheduled
NZ445 17:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ559 17:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8141 17:15 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ625 17:20 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ691 17:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8029 17:50 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ5105 17:55 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ449 18:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ563 18:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5085 18:25 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5143 18:45 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ8205 18:45 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ453 19:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ567 19:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8226 19:00 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ163 19:15 (CNS) Cairns Scheduled
NZ5001 19:15 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8173 19:25 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ8272 19:35 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ5057 19:55 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ5145 20:10 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ8087 20:10 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ5125 20:15 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ459 20:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ573 20:30 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ515 06:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ401 06:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8031 06:30 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ5025 06:35 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ8139 06:35 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ611 06:45 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
NZ5063 06:45 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ405 07:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ519 07:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5119 07:20 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ407 07:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ671 07:30 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
NZ8201 07:40 (BHE) Blenheim Scheduled
NZ5035 07:55 (NPL) New Plymouth Scheduled
NZ409 08:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ523 08:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ8091 08:05 (TUO) Taupo Scheduled
NZ8163 08:10 (GIS) Gisborne Scheduled
NZ5129 08:15 (TRG) Tauranga Scheduled
NZ5103 08:20 (PMR) Palmerston North Scheduled
NZ5593 08:20 (NPE) Napier-Hastings Scheduled
NZ411 08:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ8149 08:35 (ROT) Rotorua Scheduled
NZ191 08:40 (ADL) Adelaide Scheduled
NZ5065 08:40 (NSN) Nelson Scheduled
NZ8266 08:40 (KKE) Kerikeri Scheduled
NZ8220 08:45 (WRE) Whangarei Scheduled
NZ123 08:55 (MEL) Melbourne Tullamarine Scheduled
NZ940 08:55 (RAR) Rarotonga Scheduled
NZ103 09:00 (SYD) Sydney Scheduled
NZ527 09:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ187 09:05 (OOL) Gold Coast Scheduled
NZ145 09:15 (BNE) Brisbane Scheduled
NZ415 09:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
NZ635 09:30 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled



Singapore Airlines Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
SQ286 14:10 (SIN) Singapore Changi Scheduled
SQ282 00:15 (SIN) Singapore Changi Scheduled



Jetstar Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
JQ295 08:30 (ZQN) Queenstown Out_Gate
JQ229 09:30 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ259 10:25 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ227 13:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ293 13:50 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
JQ285 14:10 (DUD) Dunedin Scheduled
JQ263 16:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ239 18:50 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ267 19:30 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ134 20:40 (OOL) Gold Coast Scheduled
JQ241 21:00 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ251 06:00 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ225 06:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
JQ253 06:55 (WLG) Wellington Scheduled
JQ295 08:30 (ZQN) Queenstown Scheduled
JQ229 09:30 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled



Qantas Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
QF156 15:45 (MEL) Melbourne Tullamarine Scheduled
QF126 16:20 (BNE) Brisbane Scheduled



Qatar Airways Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
QR899 18:40 (BNE) Brisbane Scheduled



Emirates Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
EK449 17:10 (KUL) Kuala Lumpur International Scheduled



Cathay Pacific Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
CX198 13:45 (HKG) Hong Kong Intl Scheduled



Samoa Airways Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
OL732 11:05 (APW) Apia Faleolo Scheduled



Air Chathams Arrivals at Auckland Airport
No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
3C644 14:30 (PPQ) Paraparaumu Scheduled
3C704 15:00 (WAG) Whanganui Scheduled
3C824 15:15 (WHK) Whakatane Scheduled
3C708 17:30 (WAG) Whanganui Scheduled
3C648 18:10 (PPQ) Paraparaumu Scheduled
3C828 18:35 (WHK) Whakatane Scheduled
3C700 08:20 (WAG) Whanganui Scheduled
3C820 08:30 (WHK) Whakatane Scheduled